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Úvodní stranaSparx SystemsSparx Systems Enterprise Architect Corporate Edition

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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Corporate Edition

Kategorie: Databáze/Návrh a modelování | Vývojářské nástroje/Návrh a modelování, UML
Výrobce: Sparx Systems

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Corporate Edition

Enterprise Architect je nástroj pro modelování pomocí UML. EA podporuje následující modely - Business Process Model, Class model, Use Case model, Activity model, Sequence model a Component model. Výstup je možný ve formátu RTF (dokumentace) a ve formátu XMI pro spolupráci s ostatními produkty. Verze Corporate umožňují ukládat projekty do datábazí MySQL nebo na SQL servery, obsahuje také podporu pro práci v týmu Výhodou nakupu tohoto nástroje je metodická podpora technologie EFEM - Extrémně Efektivního Modelování, která podává návody pro efektivní tvorbu softwaru s tímto nástrojem, blíže viz stránky, kde je k dispozici je také možnost školení.

Comprehensive support for UML 2.1 Support for all 13 UML 2.1 diagrams Behavioral diagrams includes: Use Case, Activity, State, Interaction Overview, Sequence and Communication Structural diagrams include: Package, Class, Object, Composite, Component and Deployment Support for UML 2.0 style Profiles See UML 2.0 Tutorial for more information See also: Use Case Model Business Process Model Dynamic Models Logical Model Component and Deployment diagrams Custom Extensions Collaborations Intuitive and great looking User Interface Extensive range of toolbars, dockable windows and visual styles Save and restore custom window layouts Modify and customize toolbars and menus Create your own accelerators "Slide away" style docked windows to maximize screen space and improve work effectiveness Comprehensive menuing system for ultimate control of your model Quick Linker allows fast, context-sensitive creation of diagram elements and connections. MDA Transformation support Model Driven Architecture support for transforming simple model elements into complex targets Fully template driven transformations Easy to write and modify transform templates Built in transforms for DDL, Java, C#, EJB, XSD Forward generate and synchronize your Platform Specific Model from your Platform Independent Model Each PIM can support multiple PSMs Comprehensive and flexible documentation Full WYSIWYG template driven RTF generator Templates support all EA model elements properties and extended data (such as Tests, Risks, Resources, Changes etc.) Templates support headers, footers, table of contents, embedded images, title pages, complex nested tables and more Output in rich text format Flexible output options with filters and selection criteria Save report templates for later re-use Word compatible documentation for post-editing and linking in to Word Master Documents Additional HTML report generator for creating detailed HTML reports Post your model on the internet or on a local intranet using the HTML report generator Additional reports including for use case metrics, tests and more Rich text Documents can be linked to model elements and edited directly using built-in Rich Text editor Forward and Reverse Code Engineering Fully template driven code generation engine - modify inbuilt templates or write your own from scratch Add additional target languages Syntax highlighted source code editor with quick "save and synch" capability Inbuilt support for C++, Java, C#, VB.Net, Visual Basic, Delphi, PHP, Python and ActionScript Support for CORBA also available as free plug-in Plug-ins to link EA to Visual Studio.NET or Eclipse MDG Link adapters available as separate add-ons Link to your favorite IDE Use EA to navigate, reverse engineer and track complete model - use your IDE for development Locate source code for classes, attributes and operations in your IDE directly from EA Build and Run your project from EA's plug-in menu View compilation errors in EA Support for "pluggable technologies" using MDG (Model Driven Generation) Technologies Add support for new languages, modeling profiles and more Easy to build and maintain Single import for complete set of templates, grammars, data types, Profiles, Patterns and more Distribute domain specific solutions with ease MDG Technology wizard built in to make assembling Technology files easy Database modeling Reverse engineer from many popular DBMS systems, including Oracle 9i and 10g, SQL Server, My SQL, Access, PostgreSQL and others Model database tables, columns, keys, foreign keys and complex relationships using UML and inbuilt data modeling Profile Forward generate DDL scripts to create target database structures Ability to Share models in different ways Share .EAP files by placing on a shared network drive (small workgroups) Use .EAP file replication for complex distributed development Support for several different DBMS based repositories, including Oracle 9i and 10g, SQL Server, My SQL, PostGreSQL Support for XMI import export to manage distribution and update of frameworks and other package based model structures Version control repository support Data transfer wizard to allow up- and down- sizing of complete models for maximum flexibility Ability to export and Import basic reference data to avoid setting up the same information multiple times Version Control Support Native CVS support plus support for compliant SCC tools (many different ones currently available) Package level versioning Excellent support for nested version controlled packages Compare utility allows viewing changes in current model to latest file on disk All versioned packages stored in standard XMI format for portability and ease of manipulation Get All Latest feature plus nested package support allows complex models to be built from single imported package XML Schema Support Built-in profile for XSD to simplify development of XML schemas using UML Generate complex XML Schema from UML models Transform simple models into XSD models using MDA transformations, then generate XSD to file Reverse Engineer XML schema into UML models Forward Engineer XML schema from UML models Compare (diff) Utility A comprehensive differencing engine based on comparing current model content to a standard XMI file Full support for model element properties, connectors, attributes, methods, extended data (tests, changes, requirements, constraints etc) For version controlled packages, instantly compare with latest file on disk Compare a package with any XMI file - great for model to model comparisons Compare current package to stored Baseline Baseline support Store a snapshot of a current package branch within EA Data is stored in compressed format within the current model for ease of reference and portability Use the Compare function to compare a Baseline to the current version of a package in the model Great for managing change, especially to critical areas such as requirements and use case models Reverse Engineer binary files from Java and .NET Support for importing .JAR files in java Import .NET assemblies and more .NET import supports both reflection based import and import of files decompiled to IL using the .NET decompiler Debug facility allows automatic generation of sequence diagrams from a running application Requirements Management support Custom "Requirements" elements as Profiled UML class Support aggregation, composition, nesting and other complex relationships between requirements Hierarchy view to show detailed interconnections between elements Full traceability support using Hierarchy and Matrix views Ability to attach requirements to other model elements and view traceability from requirement right through to deployed components Compare utility to manage requirement change Baseline support to capture requirements at a "point in time" Version control support to help manage the development and change to requirements Import/Export of Models in XML format Support for XMI 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 Export complete EA models to XMI Standard XML for use by 3rd party tools, such as MDA generators and report writers Import from other XMI compliant tools in UML 1.1 or 1.3 format User Security support Built in user security Support for groups as well as users Many different permissions can be set 2 basic models: - User must "lock" to edit (checkout model) - Free editing with ability for user to "lock" elements/packages as required (free model) Support for Testing Unit tests Integration tests System tests Acceptance tests Scenarios Reporting of details fully supported in RTF document generator Support for Maintenance Change control details Maintenance and fault recording Track issues and defects Reporting of details fully supported in RTF document generator Support for Project Management Detailed support for attaching resources to elements such as Use Cases, components, packages, sub-systems etc. Support for detailing Risk items Support for detailing effort items attached to a model element Support for attaching custom Metric types to any model element Reporting of details fully supported in RTF document generator Support for Use Case Metrics - allows project resource and time estimation based on given metrics Support for System status information Glossary support for defining key project terms System Tasks to track important work items System Issues to track model level changes and problems Reporting of details fully supported in RTF document generator Fully featured Automation interface for scripting EA and writing complex plug-ins Very detailed automation interface with access to most element features and attached information Most properties fully writable from automation client Great support for plug-ins with the ability to embed automation client windows in the main diagram view Access to major EA functions such as XMI import/export Interface accessible from any automation aware client language - such as VB, C#, C++. Delphi etc. WSDL Engineering Support Built-in profile for WSDL to simplify development of Web Services using UML Reverse Engineer WSDL documents into UML Forward Engineer WSDL from UML Transform simple models into XSD models using MDA transformations, then generate XSD to file Plus lots more ... Traceability reporting Excellent search facilities Flexible appearance, color and display options Spell Checker Many different image formats for saving diagrams

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Windows - Intel/AMD 1 GHz - Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows Vista - 128 MB of RAM (256MB doporučeno) - 70 MB místa na disku - monitor 800*600 (1024x768 doporučeno) Linux - Intel/AMD 1 GHz - CodeWeavers' CrossoverOffice 2.1.0 (or later), Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8, DCOM95, Internet Explorer 6 - Linux Operating System (kernel 2.4 or later) - 128 MB RAM (256 MB doporučeno) - 70 MB místa na disku - 800*600 (1024*768 doporučeno)

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